Tabula Rasa

1335mabini Studios

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 6 pm

April 26 to May 10, 2014

With an Open Studio exhibition, Lizza May David invites us to experience the dynamics between the artist and the process of art-making. Primarily working with objects immediate to her surroundings, Lizza’s approach is based on her responses to the physicality of the surface, working within the material network and limits of painting. Rather than a preconceived concept expressed through traditional art media in the form of representational images or expressive gestures, Lizza’s considers such objects not as means to any end, but entities to be encountered. Lizza’s works, though similar in appearance, are not be confused with abstract-expressionistic works, as her method does not stem from an emotional state of being. She does not focus on the act of making either, which considers materials as but extensions of one’s capacities. Her work is anchored on dialogue between herself and the material – the interactive tension between subject and object.

Exploratory in nature, the pieces present in her show are grounded on her current residency in 1335MABINI, and reflects a contextual artistic disposition. Just like her works presented in the Ateneo Art Gallery (2013) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (2014), wherein she worked with the permanent collections of each institution, Lizza has been working with things found within the architectural framework. Lizza simply lets the properties of each object conduct the interaction and responds instinctively in accordance or otherwise. The results are incarnations of the synergy between her physical and conceptual proximities.