1335MABINI is proud to present 'Current', a solo exhibition by Poklong Anading which opens on the 22nd of June 2019 at 1335MABINI Karrivin Plaza, Makati.  

Poklong Anading (b. 1975), lives and works in the Philippines. His spectrum of work ranges from video, installation, photography, drawing, and painting, continuously expanding on allegedly autonomous projects that reinforce a substantial discourse with an investigative, descriptive character - a chimeric entity, comprehensive in form and coherent in content. Often based on an interactive approach, engaging with the subject and the audience, Anading's work is defined by a unique standpoint on social occurrences and structures from which calculated intrusion arises from.

Poklong Anading exposes the blind spots of social life. He amalgamates particles of social phenomena, mechanisms and hierarchies in concepts that address both, a definite and metaphorical essence.