DEXTER SY/ Bloodline

dexter sy bloodline 1335mabini october show.jpg

1335MABINI proudly presents Bloodline, a solo exhibition of Dexter Sy, opening on October 19 (Saturday) at 1335MABINI Karrivin plaza, Makati.

Dexter Sy, who was born in Manila in 1979, artistically approaches the cultural particularities of being a Chinese-Filipino. The coexistence of two traditional value systems, which are both seemingly equally waning in day-to-day life in the contemporary era, perform as theoretical source for his painting. Abundant allusions to religious, traditional and contemporary matters are to be found in Sy's carefully arranged paintings. Applying iconographic depiction in a classic pictorial composition, the artist emphasizes the cultural patchwork. The works are reminiscent of thoroughly elaborated mind-maps and assembled selective retentions. It is as though the works are subconsciously staged as altarpieces estranged from its reliquary character through the depiction of nonreligious elements, contemporary references and a vibrant, traditional Chinese color palette.

Dexter Sy artistically translates the cloning of morphed cultural representations with stylized, two-dimensional painting.