1335MABINI presents Martine Heine in a performance entitled “Function#9 (Psychological Drama One Movement)” on April 26, 2014, 9:00pm.

Australian/German artist Martin Heine shows the latest installment of his Physical Illustration series titled: Function#9 (psychological drama one movement).

Heine will arrive as a traveller carrying his movable studio a large suitcase with him. He adds a huge funnel and a substantial amount of paint, to present his live experiments he refers to as Physical Illustrations. Focused on a liberating outcome, Heine maneuvers the movements in this performed Physical Illustration outside the predictable and foreseeable construct of conventional reading. Function#9 (psychological drama one movement) manifests as an in-and-out of control action, useless for the art market and following for what the artist had in mind.

In Function#8 - presented at Melody Smith Gallery/Perth Western Australia in February 2014 - Heine's attempt is to make art conceivable as a liberating but also basis of attitude to deal with the mundane and the unpredictable. Resisting current contemporary banalities in contemporary art, this latest Physical Illustration mutates into an experiment of identities of art and life. Meaningful initiations turn into multiplied errors, thereby form an open situation from which the artists creative impulse overcomes the unreliability of words and form.

As Heine mentions: “In the opening movement I concern myself ‘physically’ trying to illustrate the uncontrollable and non-rehearsable action, and the emancipating but sometimes confusing moments of choice. I want that paint and everything else becomes an existential condition of life and the absurd. The hard facts of now emerge as a reflex and choice, which mark the beginning of the creative, an ever virgin land of the mental possible”.

Heine invites the gallery audience to participate in the experience of the moment by taking on the role of film director. Audience members are encouraged to document the movement with their smart phones and edit their own short clip of the presentation. A dedicated Facebook page has been set up to share and distribute films and other documentation of the event at