Shanghai Fiction

Saturday, August 10, 2013, 6 pm

1335MABINI in cooperation with the Goethe Institut presents SHANGHAI FICTION, directed by Busso von Müller and Julia Albrecht, 2 hours 13 mins, 2009

"Shanghai Fiction" tells the stories of 4 people in today's Shanghai.
The story of Yuan, a boy working as a day-labourer, welding balcony railings at a huge construction site on the outskirts of Shanghai.

The story of Liu, who was a member of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, and ended up losing his beliefs 100x over.

The story of Hebe, who still ponders the ideals of Maoism, but since the events at Tiananmen Square in 1989, she seeks other possibilities as a businesswoman.

The story of the German architect, Johannes Dell, who works for the urban planning offices at :Alber Speer + Partner": he embodies a new type of technical nomad, planning the future cities of China.

Daily observations are interwoven with memories; shifting between these very different worlds, this Shanghai-fiction invokes more than just the reality of present-day China. What does our world look like, now that the collective dream of "saving humanity" has failed?