Saturday, June 15, 2013, 8:30 pm

Cebuano artist who speaks of personal narratives through   multi-media and Butoh performance. Russ will perform "MDM B. NIYAAN is RUSS LIGTAS" - the story of crazed abandoned lover Mdm B. Niyaan. Giving time and space for pain to be embodied by an alter ego, Russ will be caught under his own spell of violent reverie. His works are at once humorous, heartbreaking, and always poignant. 

Part of a series of performances curated by Carlos Celdran for the exhibition Common Ground Barrier.


1985 born in Cebu (Philippines)
lives and works in Manila, Philippines

2007 University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Exhibitions, projects (2007-2013, selection)

Signs of Life, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design MCAD, Manila (PH) (solo)
Transitions-Crossings, Indie.Go Arthub, Dumaguete (PH)
Pakita’g-Hilas, Qube Gallery, Cebu (PH)
MDM B. NIYAAN RUSS is LIGTAS, Tsinelas Labs, QC (PH)
PASINAYA Festival, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila (PH)

MDM B. NIYAAN is RUSS LIGTAS, Alternative Contemporary Art Studio ACAS Diwata Galeri | Bantawan Sugbu Theater, Cebu (solo)
Happy. , Cebu City Museum, Cebu(solo)
Soliloquy 2, Alternative Contemporary Art Studio, Cebu (solo)
Diversities II, 856 G Gallery, Cebu
An Ocean of Secrets, MS Fuji Maru, Pacific Ocean
Mother Ocean, Mother Grief, Taiji Cove, Taiji,Japan
Mother Ocean, Mother Grief, ADMU, QC

Three Lullabies(Tulo ka Laylay), Handuraw, Cebu (solo)
Cities After Dark, ADMU Fine Arts Theater, QC
SIGBINIKILAT, Performance pilgrimage, Dumaguete
Ceb-Mla, Picasso Boutique Residences, Makati
Russ Ligtas, National Arts Month Exhibition, SM Art Center, Cebu
Ceb-Mla, ADMU spaces, QC
Workshop, Dance Forum Studio, QC
PROJECT TAIJI (4 performances at the cove, Taiji Cove, Taiji, Japan)
LeaveTaking, Diwata Galeri, Cebu