Creative Package

Saturday, November 30, 2013, 7:00 pm

As part of Goethe Institut Southeast Asia's Science Film Festival 2013, 1335MABINI in collaboration with The Goethe Institut MNL presents "The Creative Package" a compilation of short animated films primarily aimed at adults who are interested in film as it also aims to focus on film as an art form which is also able to convey messages.

by Christoph & Wolfgang Lauenstein
Animation // 1989
Five characters keep the balance on a platform hanging
in mid air. Someday a mysterious box appeared and
disturbs the peaceful and well-regulated life.

by Till Nowak
Animation // 2005
In a grey, industrial and uninhabited future, an old man
lovingly waters a flower, perhaps the last flower to exist.

by Aude Danset & Carlos De Carvalho
Animation // 2012
Abel lives in the winter and Apolline lives in the summer.
Isolated in their „natures“, they never meet each other.

by Angela Steffen
Animation // 2009
A little girl finds the whole world in a leaf.

by Jadwiga Krystyna Kowalska
Animation // 2007
Squirrel and bat. The convergence of different worlds
and times of day. Forces in the underground govern
night and day - and much more.

by Philip Clemo
Music Video // UK 2009
Overflowing images showcase the element of water in its liquid and solid state.
A fascinating landscape of water and ice, forms and lines, white and blue hues.