"My practice involves the creation of abstract structures and the manipulation of materials in order to explore ideas of impermanence, memory and loss. I work across sculpture and photogram methods to create forms that possess transformative properties and aim to engage the viewer’s perception. My background is in architecture and music, and elements of both inform the language of my work in visual art, in the use of geometric form, sequence, and pattern. My central aim is to explore in architectonic form the combination of truth and individual imagination by which one constructs their perception of an object or image.

The idea behind my sculptural work is to create “devices for seeing and unseeing”. This involves the fabrication of surface networks, often in metal or Plexiglas for their reflective and transparent properties, composed of repetitive components or screens of penetrable fields that produce interferences in their superimposition, creating new forms and movement in the eye of the viewer. The work is an attempt to illustrate my own understanding of the act of remembering, of memory as an act of retelling, and its inevitable distortion within a given time or space.

The photogram work involves the assembly of small constructions and tactile materials in temporary formations. The method only records select traces of the assemblages before they are dismantled, obscuring and transforming their true, complete forms. I see the process as a study of the constitution of memory as a document of change, loss, and selection. At times, tactile objects similar to the shapes in the photogram are layered over the image, blurring distinctions between the real and the non-real."

-Micaela Benedicto