The Unicorn CLub

Saturday, January 18, 2014, 4 pm

January 18 to February 14, 2014


Project Space Manila presents Maria Jeona Zoleta’s first solo exhibition “The Unicorn Club” at 1335MABINI from January 18 to February 14, 2014.

Zoleta is popularly known for her large expressive canvases featuring eye-catching Lolitas in un-compromising positions as symbols for the current generation’s liberalism and media saturated consciousness, which have become, through their reversibility as both victim and provocateur, the fragile site for the contestation of subjectivity and identity in a commodity driven culture. Zoleta’s girl-in-trouble femme fatales are seemingly innocuous for all their age and beauty, but they are complex avatars of information, each incorporating the promiscuous economy of signs in our contemporary time of social media and augmented realities. According to Zoleta, she merely reflects on the mindset of her generation, the Y2k babes, who are more to receptive to technological multiplicity and the ever-expanding universe of information. Thus in her works she is able to make references to popular culture and its history, as well as to the latest trends of media and technology. She playfully considers the so-called dead medium of painting as an ironic counterpoint to the expendable fashion of technocratic critique. In such a way that her latest solo exhibition “The Unicorn Club” prances around the rarified nature of singular expressions and myth-making in today’s construed spectacles, that are still imaginatively wild to remain enigmatic and elusive for the chase. “The Unicorn Club” will be her sixth solo show since graduating from the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts in 2011.