Ian Jaucian draws much of his inspiration from science, exploring its relationship with visual art through various media, which through the years have included paintings, sculptures, kinetic, and interactive installations. Representative of the artist’s integrative practice is the prominence of peculiar forms that serve as conduits of critique towards the Anthropocene.

Jaucian’s exploratory and investigative nature on the subject of scientific phenomena is exemplified in how he purposefully establishes a balance between wonder and comprehension by assembling his works in a way that one could observe how they function. Drawing Space with Time(2015), for example, is an installation consisting of 32 analog clocks where the hands of several pieces accelerate when a viewer draws near. The proximity sensors that set this marvel in motion are exposed, facilitating understanding by interaction. This approach signifies the artist’s belief in information-sharing vis-a-vis community-based research and engineering, and that technology is ultimately an emancipatory  tool counter to current exploitative consumerist-driven developments.

Ian Jaucian (b.1986) is a Filipino visual artist based in the Philippines.  He graduated from the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Fine Arts cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Painting in 2008. Jaucian has received critical recognition in the Philippines in the form of being shortlisted in the annual Ateneo Art Awards in 2015 and 2016. He has also been invited to several international residency programs such as the Pulau Ubin Artist-Residency Programme in Singapore (2013), Mite Ugro in South Korea (2013), the Akiyoshidai International Art Village Trans-Artist Residency Program in Japan (2014), and is one of the participating artists in the inaugural Kenpoku Art Festival this 2016.