Fragile Anomalies

22 to 24 February 2019
Art Fair Philippines
Julius Baer Lounge, 5th Level
The Link, Ayala Center, Makati

Filipino-Canadian Jill Paz (b. 1982) emigrated in the early eighties and after completing her studies (BFA and MFA) she returned to the Philippines to reconnect to the country, her ancestral home and the art scene.

Upon coming home, Jill Paz embraced the realms of both the intensely personal and the distant past by revisiting and reinterpreting the body of work of the late 19th century Filipino painter Félix Resurrección Hidalgo (1855-1913), her great grand-uncle and an important figure in the Philippine art history. Paz’s ancestral homage delved into the unstable nature of the past: as fragments, shards and recollections.

Jill’s exhibition ‘Fragile Anomalies’ is a continuation of her recent exhibition ‘History of the Present’ last year at 1335MABINI.

Jill Paz’s works are detailed approximations crafted with photography, painting, computer programs and laser. She uses laser-cutting technology to bore, etch and puncture delicate layers; she programmed the laser-cutter in such a way it can etch a digital image on cardboard. In such a way, she is able to show the transient and vulnerable nature of paintings as objects: to be open to the possibility that the past and its objects can change, disperse or fall apart into total disarray. But when renovation and complete restoration of history is rendered impossible and quixotic, it may provide the opportune moment to create art that is steeped in life and the histories of the present.