My concept for my art-making is to search a new relationship between "artifact" and "nature".

"Artifact" and "nature" is not only the opposite schema. For instance, a computer malfunction is whether the artificial or natural matter? To search an answer to those questions, I started my art making. Sudden errors and accidental matters that happen in many different situations show obscure phenomenon in-between artificial/natural and let us re-think about the relation between them.

In my recent work, I make installation, using useless machines and old tools as my materials that are nameless objects which finished their roles, and put the light, sound and electromagnetic wave into them. I attempt to create an ecosystem that the environment and exhibiting objects are integrated, amplifying the characters of the space which are gravity, humidity, lighting, and wind, with my materials and then getting feedback to them. Through my installation, mechanical objects evolve into an organic environment accommodating a natural condition. With different elements, each space creates own ecosystem so that the same installation becomes altered depending on the space. I think it is also an old and new relation of artifact and nature created by the error, accident, and accumulation of the time.

I would like to deliver this one time only experience for the audience through my work that is integrated with each environment.

Yuko MOHRI 2013