MABINI PROJECTS aims to both strengthen as well as challenge discursive
positions among art practitioners. It offers a site for multiple perspectives and
voices; and as such, it offers an open sequence of cross-disciplinary projects
of diverse curatorial and artistic explorations.

Following this mission, MABINI PROJECTS presents a series of exhibitions
guest-curated by artist-curators: artists who curate. MABINI PROJECTS
invites artist-curators who are also part of collectives, artist-run- spaces,
transitory spaces and temporary alliances to explore the interconnections
between artistic/curatorial practices, ideas and spaces.

This new platform sets out to explore the curatorial practices of artists and
addresses a range of questions: what are the (possible) roles of artist-curators
in contemporary arts? How are relationships between artist-curators and
artists developed? Can curating be a form of a meta-art practice for artist-
curators? What are the (potential) relationships between ideas voiced in a
curatorial text and the materiality of artworks on view? Are there other
curatorial means than text to develop discourse? How are meaningful
relationships developed between discourses and spaces and audiences?
What are the roles of audiences?

This platform, then, inevitable constitutes a degree of open-endedness as it
invites discussions but no expectation of final answers. This effort and
commitment to contribute to artistic and discursive development through
making accessible various programs to the audiences shall be presented
through exhibitions, presentations and a forum with discussions in the
premises of MABINI PROJECTS.

Roy Voragen