Clemens Hollerer’s works are artistic translations of images of an ever-changing urban environment into expressive, invasive, and seemingly spontaneous installations and sculptures. The artist’s ever-growing archive of photographs – Hollerer’s initiate media, serves as a conceptual and visual base for his sculptural unfoldings.

Hollerer constructs and deconstructs large-scale wooden systems, referencing (his) photographs of scenes of destruction force majeure, terror, or other catastrophes. These examinations of everyday life challenge the audience’s perception of space and dynamics. His three-dimensional site-specific installations, which are elaborate in and for a specific space, precisely transcribe the model of Hollerer’s artistic intervention in that architectural, formal, and contextual environment. The artist’s calculation is revealed through the details of that seemingly naturally occurring situation frozen at its peak, creating dynamic scenarios, outwardly weightless, ephemeral, and vulnerable. His conscious decisions for angles, colors, material, and composition are revealed and activated by the engaged viewer.

Clemens was born in Austria in 1975. He graduated from the Euregio College for Fine Art Photography (Austria) in 2005 and studied at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts Antwerp/Ghent (Belgium). The artist has been nominated and awarded nationally and internationally for his work (i.e. Future Generation Art Prize/Pinchuk Art Centre, Austrian State Scholarship for Fine Arts, Zurich Art Prize) and is member of the Secession Vienna. Since 2006, Hollerer has participated in several exhibitions worldwide and has held solo exhibitions in Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Clemens Hollerer currently lives and works in Austria.


1975 born in Bruck/Mur, Austria
Lives and works in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria

2006 – 2008     HISK - Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp/Ghent, B
2001 – 2005     Euregio College for Fine Art Photography, Kefermarkt, A