My work explores the process and implication of merging, summing and morphing, wherein i create a mutation or hybrid of certain phenomena from past to current. It is often provoked by the contrasting realness of life's different conditions, and cultural phenomena from the past and the occult-like images from my subconscious mind. My work also involves certain health conditions I suffer from, which has made me into a hypochondriac.

I see my work as a miscegenation or an amalgamation of these ideas, experiences and condition.

My aesthetic attempts to merge an assortment of cultural sensibilities creating a lopsided tension. I say this because I approach and shape them initially as someone with hip hop sensibilities that are quite indelible, which disregards certain protocols or cultural traditions. This off-kilter means of interweaving tangent ideas and cultural sensibilities make the whole creative process subversive in its ways of juxtaposing, or even truncating them in to granular forms, causing a shuffling and disorientating effect.

I have a proud history with graffiti and hip hop culture roots, but I'm also biting it's hand and chopping it's head off; graffiti sensibilities are strongly present in my work but in a sense it is also broken, malformed and dystopian in its state, destroying and reconstructing its essence, creating hybrid forms and ideas.

I'm interested in certain social phenomena, how people are on some herd mentality state. Seeing most as victims and are like sheep versus celebrating a variety of culture and sensibilities, discerning and digesting them then take a crap and then create new stuff out of that crap.

I'm interested in sound exploration and manipulation, whichI believe influences my visual aesthetics and vice versa.