Saturday, June 8 2013, 8:30 pm

A lively discussion at 1335MABINI on June 08, 2013 withCarlos CeldranKiri Dalena, and Jay Abello, as part of theCommon Ground Barrier exhibition at Zn Gallery. Taking off from the screening of Jay Abello's "Pureza", Jay is joined by Carlos and Kiri for a discussion about the sugar industry in Negros, as presented in the documentary.

Carlos Celdran is a performance artist who uses Philippine History as his material, engaging audiences through participation. Kiri Dalena, whose works stem from a socio-political context, use video as a medium for documentation without following the standard trope of documentary filmmaking; instead she applies a poetic sensibility to her artistic inclination. 

Using the documentary as a platform for their conversation, these artists sift through their own artistic practices, shifting from process to content while discussing the challenges that come with reconciling both.