Appetite for Self-Destruction

Saturday, October 25, 2014, 6 pm

October 25 to November 21 2014


1335MABINI proudly presents Dexter Sy in a solo exhibition titled “Appetite for Self-Destruction,” from October 25 to November 21, 2014.

When survival of the fittest is the rule of the game, the human subject finds itself struggling amidst the toughest of battles and challenges that is the norm of the day. In this saga to outlast one another, people are confronted not only by external sources of anxieties, but also by the horrors of their own creation. "Appetite for Self-Destruction" reflects on the creative and destructive force of human nature. Playing around the dynamics of today’s extremely competitive world, the exhibition fleshes out how man’s everyday struggles bring out a duality of tendencies: his cravings become his weakness and source of destruction, while it is also his desires and aspirations that animate his spirit to emerge triumphant in the end. In this series of mixed media works, Dexter Sy explores a web of experiences, encounters and relationships, the totality of which defines the individual. The pieces consist of two-dimensional stylized figures, rendered in a rich ensemble of patterns and textures, and laid out to contrast against a backdrop of dark, flat color. This collection of images with a range of references, from faith and technology to trauma and death, intimates how man succumbs to his own making on one hand, but on the other stresses the power of the individual as the ultimate decisive force in the crafting of a destiny.

Dexter Sy studied Fine Arts major in advertising at the Far Eastern University where he currently teaches. He has held numerous solo and group shows and a recipient of awards and residencies in local as well as international venues, such as in the US, Korea, Thailand, and China.

The show is curated by Ruel Caasi.