1335MABINI is a multidisciplinary space for contemporary art situated closely to the cultural centers in Manila, Philippines. Comprising a 700 m2 space, 1335MABINI supports artistic creation through diverse programs; exhibitions, workshops, lectures and the artist-in-residence program: AiRPManila.1335MABINI - a laboratory, an exhibition, working and living space - engenders bonds on lived concepts of autonomy in globalization intercorrelating local and international, emerging and established artists to articulate synergies from this association of individuals.

Based on the symbiosis between spaces designed for projects, exhibition programs, studio work and living, 1335MABINI’s mission is to further develop peer-to- peer cooperation and to bridge local and international cultural institutions.


Zn seeks to set art as a platform for discussing contemporary matters in its universality and specificity. Specifically focusing on new media, video, and installation art, Zn is committed to process of reciprocal viewing of artistic articulations.

Zn stands for a practice of cross-cultural dialogue on the materiality of the interstices, the translation, in order to open a space for artistic research and imagination.

Zn is an incubator and a catalyst for exchange of methodologies and knowledge that continuously foster the presentation, study, and interpretation of contemporary art.



PSManila programs associate exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops, and discussions to create a holistic vision skeptical of persisting beliefs on the connection between practitioners and the community. It is a multiperspectival site which will bring together an open sequence of cross-disciplinary projects of diverse artistic articulations.

Resonating with critical attention shaped through open collaborations with a fearless attitude on polyphonic programs focused on new ideas, PSManila is a venue encouraging diversity and experimentation on the cutting edge of contemporary art.